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Instant Exposure With The Best Press Release Distribution Service

How can press releases help your business?

National Distribution

Through our distribution channels, your press release can reach thousands of media outlets like Fox News, ABC, NBC, Associated Press, major news archive systems, content discovery networks and other authority sites.

Media Exposure

By distributing your press release to Associated Press and other news archive systems, your press release is read by thousands of journalists and media professionals, increasing your chances of a news feature!

Superior Writing

Why waste your time, when you can get your press releases written by a staff of trained professionals who can whip out news worthy, SEO optimized press releases for your brand no matter what your business or product is.

Niche Targeting

Target your press release to reach the right audience! Select from our wide range of segments such World News, Business & Finance, Sports, Entertainment, Travel & Lifestyle, and Science & Tech among others. What's more, we provide geo-targeting as well.

Reach Influencers

Exclusive to our News Dominator subscribers, we can now use our database of 1.7 million contacts to deliver your press release straight to the inbox of journalists, editors, social media influencers, and bloggers active in your industry!

Performance Reports

Receive a detailed report of all your media placements your press release has received, along with a Google keyword report highlighting keywords your press release is ranking for.

What People Are Saying...

"In our time working with prReach we have launched numerous press releases using their massive network of outlets around the web. As a result of this we have seen our Amazon listing increase greatly in rank to the point where we had 12 Amazon's Choice badges.

We are thrilled with these results and are more than happy to have made press releases an ongoing strategy of ours with prReach ensuring everything runs smoothly."

Oliver Saylor

Amazon Seller

"My experience with other press release agencies or sites is once you submit your details, you may never hear from them again and I just really appreciate being able to communicate with the team of PRREACH both before, during and after our PR campaigns.

I think that we can all agree that we want peace of mind and competence when investing marketing dollars into our businesses."

Christine Kominiak

Amazon Seller

"They were able to reach 450 plus outlets and get us in front of nearly 50 million viewers of our content, of our product. And to me, that’s just amazing that these guys put our story together, put together some videos and the next thing you know, there’s nearly 50 million people that have access to our products, that we ranked on Google and all these different things. So, I can’t say enough about the gang that are PRREACH. I highly recommend it! "

Frank Sell

Baby Beard Club

Monthly Subscription Packages


  • Distribution to our massive network of over 400 news content systems

  • Reach an audience of over 20 million people for each press release

  • Embed relevant YouTube videos, add white reports and other research materials to provide increased authority to your brand

  • Google keyword tracking report for each press release

  • 1 PR @ $99 / month



  • Premium Feature: Distribution in Yahoo!Finance and AP News

  • Distribution to our massive network of over 400 news content systems

  • Reach an audience of over 20 million people with each press release

  • Embed relevant Youtube videos, add white reports and other research materials to provide authority to your brand

  • Google keyword tracking report for each press release

  • 1 PR @ $349 / month



  • 5 Newsbuzz press releases at a fraction of the price!

  • Distribution to our massive network of over 400 news content systems

  • Reach an audience of over 20 million people for each press release

  • Embed relevant Youtube videos, add white reports and other research materials to provide authority to your brand

  • Google keyword tracking report for each press release

  • 5 PR's @ $449 / month



  • Access to our most powerful distribution network, featuring Yahoo!Finance, Marketwatch, PR Newswire

  • 3 industry targets for every press release, with a focus on authority sites, digital media sites, and influencer

  • Detailed traffic and engagement report detailing the number of clicks, media views, and views by the general public

  • Google keyword tracking report for each press release

  • 1 PR @ $799 / month


    Download Sample Distribution Reports

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    Your Questions Answered

    I’m new to press releases, what’s their benefit?

    Press releases are probably the world's best bang for your marketing buck. Used consistently over time, press releases build massive online authority. Plus, because we can direct the links within them to any online property (your website, product detail pages, social pages, blogs, authority sites, etc), you will start to gain SERP results not just for press releases, but for the linked sites and pages as well. We have clients who literally dominate all of page 1 and 2 of Google search results for various keywords as a direct result of the consistent application of this strategy over the years, so it’s easy to imagine the benefits that provides. It doesn’t happen overnight, but because the monthly cost is so low, it’s a no-brainer for a solid long term, cost effective strategy.

    Can you write the press release for me?

    Yes, we have professional writers that write press releases every day. Having your release properly written and formatted greatly increases its chances of being picked up and having wider distribution. Plus, our writers are adept at crafting press releases and topic angles to maximize third party interest and readability. To have us write your press release, simply choose the option once when you purchase a press release package.

    What is your Yahoo! and Associated Press (AP) distribution?

    This is an add-on service to our NewsBuzz press release where we include distribution to the powerful Yahoo! and AP networks. They include top newspapers and media outlets such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Enquirer, and Dallas Morning News to name a few. Additional web feeds from these providers include tens of thousands of journalists at more than 1,300 newspapers.

    What is the News Dominator and why is it more expensive?

    The News Dominator is a powerful marketing tool and goes out on our top tier distribution network to all major media including NYT, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, Fox, Yahoo!, etc. Plus, we send your release to a database of nearly 2 million highly targeted social media influencers and journalists, greatly increasing the exposure and chances of getting further pickups. This is no ordinary service, in fact, we have a 94% delivery rate to hand selected journalists. The News Dominator also comes with enhanced reporting so that you can see exactly where it was distributed, what media outlets received it, plus a keyword rankings report that shows where your information is appearing on Google for targeted keywords!

    What’s the difference between News Dominator and News Buzz press releases?

    It depends on how you use them and what your goals are. Boiling it down, we’d say “speed” and “impact”. In our opinion, all press releases are best utilized as a long term marketing tool, and pound for pound, one of the most powerful and cost effective in existence. Where else can you get national media coverage for less? When comparing the 2 press releases though, the News Dominator can be used for one off announcements and news worthy topics. It often has a nearly immediate impact on SERP results for keywords being used within the release itself, plus as a result of its top tier distribution network and database of nearly 2 million journalists and influencers, has the greatest chance of being seen, getting further coverage, and directly impacting your business’ bottom line. With the News Buzz press release, we use these as much as possible and as frequently as possible as a long term marketing tool. They don’t pack the same punch as the News Dominators, but consistently using them month after month to build online authority, drive links to your website, product detail pages, blogs, social, videos, etc., will push up your SERP results, eventually leading to more traffic and sales. If you need a press release for a big announcement or more an immediate effect, News Dominator is your choice. If you want to embark on a cost effective long term marketing plan to build online authority, push up online assets and increase Google rankings, then News Buzz is the best option.

    How long will the press release be visible online?

    We’ve had press releases stay on the first page of Google for years, but generally weeks or months is more the norm. After the first week of being released (and typically high visibility), the ranking will settle into a natural position. This is one of the reasons why we view press releases as the perfect long term strategy when pushing them out consistently every single month, as it always keeps fresh content flowing and ranking! The other factor to consider is the competitiveness of the keywords (primarily in the press release title). If it’s highly competitive, you wouldn’t expect your release to shoot to the top of the rankings and stay there (again, think long term and consistent press releases for the best results).

    What is your keyword ranking report?

    This is a fantastic report that is exclusive to prREACH! It allows us to measure the impact a press release has on Google rankings. A few days after a press release is distributed we run a detailed keyword ranking analysis that shows all Google page 1 keyword results. So you can see the immediate impact as well as long term impact (especially for more competitive keywords).

    How many places will my press release go to?

    It depends on the package you choose, but you’ll typically get picked up by hundreds of media outlets very quickly (we will give you a detailed distribution report a few days after your release). In the case of our News Dominator press release for example, not only will you usually get hundreds of immediate news and media pickups, but your press release will also be placed in front of 85,000 registered journalists and a general media audience representing more than 30,000 top media outlets. Plus, we’ll also send your release to the category target that you choose, usually containing 500-1500 relevant contacts.

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