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Drive traffic & sales to your online and Amazon products (on auto pilot) with prREACH’s

Gift Guide & Blogger Outreach

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is hands down the most trusted form of marketing.

In fact, 90% of people surveyed by Nielson said they put their faith in peer recommendations vs only 33% trusting advertisements!

If you’re not getting your share of this pie, your competitors will!

Why get your products into online gift guides?

Increased sales

The guides and bloggers we work with have engaged audiences, plus we ensure we’re getting influencer appropriate placements for your products that match demographics, themes and interests.

SERP rankings

Many of the sites we place clients have great DA (Domain Authority) where you can find your product ranking on Google search for your keywords.

In fact, we have secret content strategies to maximize this even further!

Maximized impact

For those that want to accelerate their results even further, talk to us about inexpensive but effective ways we can use our unique PR strategies to squeeze every drop of juice from media placements!

Amazon / online platform rankings boost!

It’s no secret that platforms like Amazon reward outside sales and traffic like never before. Driving steady traffic will increase your sales rankings, thereby increasing organic sales.

Cumulative benefits

Along with your other marketing efforts, the basic marketing principle of 7 "touches" come into play over time. Appearing month after month in publications, increased SERP rankings, along with your other marketing efforts will begin to have a compounding effect. All building trust and authority....the stuff that solid brands are built upon.

Reach Thousands of Readers

Profit from the readership and authority our partnered news sites have built over many years. Our growing network of news sites rank high on Google delivering you quality readers.


465m Readers


205m Readers

Buzzfeed Community

52.6m Readers

Sports Illustrated

16.4m Readers

RedEye Chicago

11m Readers


5.6m Readers

Can this drive results? Heck ya!

Check out the results for Sherpa Chai

Reach of over 10.6 million for Valentine's Day alone!

Ended Q1 2021 with record-high sales levels of nearly $300K

Sales up by 84% for the same period in 2020

Trending by more than 48% of 2021 revenue forecast

Gift Guide outreach and a basic PR & Earned Media package is the ONLY marketing Sherpa Chai is running. 

No paid ads or any other form of marketing.

So we can’t claim that ALL of their success was due to gift guides, but as only one of two marketing components, it played a significant role.

Hurry - Limited Spots Available

There had to be a catch right? And there is….sort of.

We have limited availability.


At our current capacity we won’t pit two clients against each other, so we won’t promote two products that are the same or very similar. It just wouldn’t be fair.

So that means it’s a first come, first serve offer. If you want your products into gift guides, you’ve gotta act first.

Pricing Plan

*6 Month Service Contract



Here’s some typical monthly placement examples

Your Questions Answered

Do I need to pay extra for some placements?

No, there are no extra fees.

Will I need to send product samples?

Sometimes yes. Depending upon the gift guide/influencer and product type.

Can I offer special discounts to certain groups?

Sometimes yes. Every guide / influencer is different and some will allow it and others won’t.

Can I promote any of the placements I get elsewhere such as social media?

Yes! We encourage it as it’s a win - win. In fact, we have strategies built around doing just that.

Why 6 month service contract?

We need time to pitch. Especially to larger holiday guides for example that might only publish once or twice a year and must be applied for many months in advance. While we're working on the larger guides and bloggers, we’ll knock off as many short term opportunities as we can. Our goal is to get your product(s) published every month as often as we can.

Are placements guaranteed?

No! As the name suggests, this is a gift guide and blogger outreach service where we reach out to interested and relevant sites to get your brand featured. Since this is earned media we have no guaranteed placements.

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